There are t-shirts from several famous brands presented in Amazing Tees online store.

The Mountain.

  • T-shirts The Mountain are made of 100% American cotton - very dense and durable. They serve several times longer than ordinary thin t-shirts.

  • Before drawing, all t-shirts are painted manually to give the effect of Tye-Dye: each t-shirt gets a unique shade over the entire surface.

  • The main drawing is applied with special water-based inks - they are deeply embedded in the fabric fibers. Such patterns do not crack over time, do not crumble and practically do not fade in the sun.

  • The Mountain t-shirts go through a heat shrink process - as a result, the dimensions change slightly, but in the process of using your T-shirt will not stretch and will not decrease after many washes.

  • The Mountain t-shirts have received the highest rating from the International Textile Inspection Community (Oeko-Tex®) - a guarantee of safety and no harmful substances to your skin. 

  • The Mountain t-shirts are stitched in Mexico from cotton grown in the southern United States. Then they are delivered to The Mountain factory in Keene, NH USA where the main process of painting and drawing takes place.

Look the creation process for The Mountain t-shirts from an American factory