The Mountain T-Shirt Hell Rider

The Mountain T-Shirt Hell Rider

100% American thick cotton without side seams, "Varenka"
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  • Catch admiring glances - the unique author's drawings by leading American artists will not only set you apart on the street, but will also create a mood for you and those around you.

  • The t-shirt does not cause allergies - 100% natural cotton grown in the USA, organic active dyes and water-based inks make The Mountain T-shirts the safest and most natural clothes, which is confirmed by the Oekotex International Certificate 100%.

  • It is pleasant to wear - natural materials provide excellent breathability and hydroscopicity, it is comfortable in such t-shirts in hot weather.

  • The fabric is pleasant to the touch - without side seams (does not irritate the skin), very soft (pre-cooked to give the Tie-Dye effect, but at the same time dense and durable. The pattern is embedded in the fabric fibers, so it is almost not palpable to the touch.

  • The picture fits organically into the color of the fabric - each T-shirt has an original color in the “boiled-over” style, and after the second wash you can no longer tell where the print ends and the T-shirt itself begins.

  • Ideal in size - before applying the picture, the t-shirts are boiled and heat-shrinked, they will no longer “sit down” or “stretch out”, remaining ideally suited to your figure.

  • For many years, a T-shirt will create your mood - ink is deeply embedded in the fabric structure, the pattern does not fade, does not peel and does not crack over time (as happens with cheap t-shirts). Thick natural fabric will maximize the life of your T-shirt.

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