T-shirt The Mountain Volcano Rex

T-shirt The Mountain Volcano Rex

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  • T-shirt with your character.Thanks to the excellent combination of the shade of the T-shirt with the colors of the picture, the image becomes part of it - after one or two washings it will be impossible to determine where the picture ends and the T-shirt begins.

  • Comfort and pleasant feeling.The Mountain T-shirts are made from 100% natural cotton. They do not cause allergies and do not constrain movements. Due to their good breathability, it is not hot in summer. They freely allow evaporation of moisture, which prevents irritations from appearing on the skin. The drawing is made with eco-friendly water-based paints - it practically does not feel "to the touch" and also does not cause irritation.

  • Catch admiring glances. Each The Mountain T-shirt is painted by hand before applying the picture to give the Tie-Dye “boiled” effect - as a result, a unique shade and uneven coloring are formed. The main image is applied by silk-screen printing with maximum detail, and when you put on T-shirts and it takes on volume, the image "comes to life". They will not just look at you - they will carefully examine and study you!

  • Your t-shirt will create a wonderful mood for many years.The Mountain T-shirts go through a heat shrink process so that they do not “sit down” or “stretch” over time. The pattern penetrates deep into the fabric fibers - it does not crack and does not fall off over time, as happens with cheap t-shirts.

Самые экологичные футболкиThe basis for T-shirts is made at factories in Latin America, at The Mountain factory in the state of New Hampshire (USA), t-shirts are painted, pre-washed and shrinked, and special, "water" ink is applied to them. Thanks to the use of extremely safe, environmentally friendly materials, The Mountain factory is recognized as the greenest T-shirt manufacturer in the USA - this is confirmed by the Oekotex International Certificate 100%.

* since each t-shirt is painted by hand before applying the picture, the tint of the color of the t-shirt may vary slightly from the photograph in the catalog

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