The Mountain T-Shirt Russo Wolf Howling

The Mountain T-Shirt Russo Wolf Howling

The Mountain T-Shirt Russo Wolf Howling
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размеры футболок The Mountain

  • You are in a great mood!Do not hide your rich inner world - show yourself and others that you are confident in yourself and capable of vivid impressions. Unique author's drawings will add brightness to your personality.

  • It’s not just going to look at you -You will be CONSIDERED! The highest detailing of the picture allows you to reproduce the smallest details. Thanks to this, the most famous artists of America happily collaborate with The Mountain factory - their creations even on a T-shirt remain a work of art!

  • Favorite T-shirt for many years. The Mountain T-Shirts are renowned for their durability. Unlike cheap T-shirts with drawings, where the image is pasted onto the fabric under the press, on The Mountain T-shirts, the ink "implants" the drawing into the fabric, deeply staining its fibers. Thanks to this, the pattern does not “crack” over time and does not fall apart, but remains as holistic and saturated as the new T-shirt had.
  • T-shirts are made without side seams, and, in addition, undergo a heat shrink process, which ensures that they do not warp, stretch or sit down from frequent washes.

  • Forget about allergies.Chemicals harmful to the body are not used to make The Mountain T-shirts. This is confirmed by the highest international safety certificate Oeko-Tek 100. T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, and they are dyed with special water-based inks. T-shirts are very soft, and when you run your hand over the t-shirt you will hardly feel the pattern.

Самые экологичные футболкиThe Mountain's philosophy is to protect nature, both in the plots on its t-shirts and in the technology for their production. In 2011, The Mountain was called up as the greenest T-shirt company in the United States.

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* since each t-shirt is painted by hand before applying the picture, the tint of the color of the t-shirt may vary slightly from the photograph in the catalog

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