T-shirt Yizzam Van Gogh - Autumn Landscape

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T-shirt Yizzam Van Gogh - Autumn Landscape

Yizzam women's t-shirt (USA) Van Gogh - Autumn Landscape Van Gogh. Autumn landscape (1885) Duplex printing: the picture on the front and on the back Composition: 97% polyester and 3% spandex Digital printing high detail Eco-friendly paints, water-based Made in USA
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Yizzam, a family-owned American company, has been operating in Miami since 1994.

T-shirts Yizzammade of modern synthetic material (97% - polyester, 3% - spandex) - very soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch. Polyester has high breathability, so your body in a T-shirt will breathe freely.
The material is very strong and wear-resistant - it does not stretch and does not sit, and in addition, it is easily erased and dries quickly. Thanks to the addition of spandex, the T-shirt practically does not wrinkle and better fits the body.

Размеры женских футболок Yizzam

The very fine (compared to cotton) structure of the fabric fibers allows you to print drawings of stunning detail, almost indistinguishable from photography - it gives the impression of a real "live" picture.

The image is printed on fabric by digital sublimation, as a result of which the drawing becomes as if part of the fabric itself. Over time, the pattern does not fade, does not crack and does not fall off in layers, as is the case with conventional printing. The t-shirt does not fade from many washes and will remain as bright and contrast as in the photo.

Yizzam T-Shirts - A Real Work of Art! The entire surface of the T-shirt: front, back, and sleeves serves as a canvas for the greatest masterpieces of painting.